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Welcome: Knitting and fencing but rarely together

ProfileLapurplepenguin is the off-duty identity of a Northern
Irish born, London-based knitting designer, tech editor and journalist 
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In her down time La Penguin likes to to take a break from the serious thinking about future media and society and such stuff to indulge two particular hobbies.

Although superficially different knitting and sabre fencing share some surprising common traits (apart from getting you odd looks on the train) - storage requirements, specialist kit, strange languages and of course the pointy objects.

The blog is mainly about adventures in yarn and jewellery but will occasionally feature a spot of swashbuckling.

One thing I should explain is the name. You can find me on twitter and ravelry at lapurplepenguin and so this blog belongs to a penguin with pointy sticks (knitting needles and swords). Purple Penguin has been an all purpose name I've used for years. It first started I think when I needed a name for a quiz team or the like. Someone said think of a couple of things you like: obviously purple and penguins.

But it then has come in handy as a code in relation to knitting and dressmaking. If you are wearing a garment you made and someone compliments it, and you admit you made it, there are sometimes odd reactions. But if I say "it's a purple penguin" they nod or say really. And so my knitting superhero identity was born.

You can find more about my work and designs at

031_KNIT_160A recent design in Knitting magazine