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The Knitter 19 - it's love

Having just completed what is always one of the busiest weeks of my year - amongst other things this involves being the public face of a conference for 2000+ people - I arrived home to find The Knitter 19 and it brought a beaming smile to my face.

It is one of the best editions ever. And here's why.

Enchanted evening shrug by Grace Meewen - if I hadn't just cast on Prairie Rose in some mad blue silk, I'd be starting this right now. Beautiful 2ply lace pattern but only one pattern to learn so possible a good choice for those less confident in lace. And as I type I recall I have some scarlet 2ply in the stash 8-)

Sprite by Jean Moss - just love this 4ply asymmetric "dress" or tunic; lace, crochet edging, knitted flowers plus the finished effect is both elegant and quirky. It's short-sleeved, with a simple lace pattern and has the flowers at the waist.

Origin'02 soie from Bergere de France - the Bergere names are never inspiring but this pattern is right up my street,a long-line short-sleeved tunic in a simple lace pattern. In a DK yarn, the lace would keep it interesting and add to the final drape. I'd be temped to do it a Louisa Harding yarn like Merletto.

Tofino by Sarah Sutherland - a long line, top down, scooped neck top in DK. Very shaped and knitted in the round, it may be mainly stocking stitch but I suspect the interesting construction would keep it from being boring. Plus a very useful basic garment.

Vine and Clover by Elizabeth Lovick - pretty fitted fair isle jumper in fabby Jamieson & Smith 2ply. Would require quite some careful colour though. Also, WARNING: CONTAINS STEEKING

Jalapeno by Jennie Atkinson - love this cotton DK halter neck top with lace below the bust - one of those patterns that looks complicated but is probably a joy to knit.Unfortunately I'm the wrong shape so I'll have to find someone else to make it for.

Little sailor girl from Sublime - a really cute baby cardigan that also looks like a v simple knit. perfect for a quick gift.

Magnolia shrug by Amanda Crawford - knitted in one piece from wrist to wrist, this plain stocking stitch shrug is transformed with 3D large knitted flowers. I'd go for black with a variegated flame yarn for the flowers. Think my mum would love that.

Paeonio by Sasha Kagan - this has intarsia flowers, textured edging and lace panels. It may sound odd but the picture is growing on me.

Tulip cardigan by Kim Hargreaves - can't make my mind up about this 1980s long, drop-shouldered cardie. It may be the picture, it may be the shape. Bit of a Hmmm