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June 2010

Stitched Selves at the Science Museum

  Knit 011
An army of 15cm knitted and stitched figures took the Science Museum by storm this evening as part of the latest Sciemce museum late event.

Organised by Stitch London the "stitched selves" were self portraits of their makers and with more than 250 on show it made an interesting exhibit in terms of the detail on show, the techniques and what peoplethought was significant about themselves.

Here are a few photos to give a flavour of the event.

Knit 020
 Personally I think I'm one of the most threatening looking of the group - it's the way I grip the sword as if I'm about to break out over the slashed remains of my fellows.

Knit 026

Knit 004  Meanwhile Elaine sits glamourously by as if waiting for cocktails with Caroline who was sadly at the other end of the display.

Knit 013  Some selves were real glam-pusses,
 some used interesting
techniques.  Knit 008  

Knit 023

And one was even dressed in her Science Museum uniform

Look I'm really really in a Science Museum case!

Knit 017

And just a few more

Knit 005
Knit 015

Knit 014

Knit 021


The Knitter 20 - in love again

After the disappointment of Simply Knitting 69 except for the great fee gift of beaded stitch markers, The Knitter has put a smile on my face and given me two lace patterns to use those markers on.

Golden Wheat Shawl by Jen Arnall-Culliford is a beautiful large shawl which is going on the winter knit list when I've had a Fiberspates or Posh Yarn shop.

Also likely to be started sooner rather than later is the DK shrug Twirl from Rowan. This is a fabulous large shrug. Soft looking, draping and elegant. Love it.

Sweetwater by Sian Brown - simply gorgeous lace weight shawl with a 26 row repeat. May have just the yarn in my stash.

Frost Flower by Lene Holme Sams√łe. A feminine hoodie with lace. A DK jacket that will work with summer dresses and with jeans.

Abigail Cardigan - Mel Clark: Pretty textured 4ply cardigan with short raglan sleeves and Peter Pan collar. Perhaps a little preppy for some, but a lovely knit.

Minnesota Rose from the ever reliable Martin Storey - elegant jacket shape, a little bit of intarsiaandthe soft drape of 4ply.

Bluegrass by Amanda Crawford is this month's men's knit. A stocking stitch and rib DK cardigan. It's simple, I think lots of men will like it but only if you lengthen it.

The lace stitch in Cheyenne by Belinda Boaden is pretty but I can't really get my head round a lace weight tabard - or indeed tabards in general.

Simply Knitting 69 - ho hum

Sadly this month I won't be dashing off to do any of the projects:

Surf stripes is a knitted bikini - nuff said.

The Beach babe cardigan by Pat Menchini in Wendy Bamboo is perfectly fine but there have been better similar length cardies in the last 2 issues.

A 2nd Pat Menchini project Happy Days is pretty textured 4ply top but I'd want to think about more shaping for the body.

Tranquil Blue is a long waist coat - cables and garter stitch that didn't photograph well.

I will be keeping Martin Storey's other pattern, Seaside story is a cute toddler's fair isle tank in 4ply cotton.

Nothing else even registered - oh well.

The making of Mini-Me

Knit 170a  Well , I'm finished. The 6in knitted version of me for the Stitch London/Science Museum Stitch Yourself project is complete. 

Here are some of the stages.

The body bits. I don't like i-cords so I went for an attempt at shaped and stuffed arms and legs.

Knit 161

 Once joined up I decided on leggings:

Knit 162

Knit 163  Hair seemed like a good idea. I managed to find variegated  Knit 164  
 brown yarn that  also matches my hair in being straight
 but completely unruly. 

Further clothing in the form of a belted tunic dress (in a yarn I've made a top for me) and a hat and shawl.

Knit 165 Knit 167   

At least the hat controls the hair.

Finally a face of sorts, a necklace and some shoes. I'd still like to find one of those cocktail plastic swords but otherwise I'm done. And I even have a gammy leg.

Knit 169