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Stitched Selves at the Science Museum

  Knit 011
An army of 15cm knitted and stitched figures took the Science Museum by storm this evening as part of the latest Sciemce museum late event.

Organised by Stitch London the "stitched selves" were self portraits of their makers and with more than 250 on show it made an interesting exhibit in terms of the detail on show, the techniques and what peoplethought was significant about themselves.

Here are a few photos to give a flavour of the event.

Knit 020
 Personally I think I'm one of the most threatening looking of the group - it's the way I grip the sword as if I'm about to break out over the slashed remains of my fellows.

Knit 026

Knit 004  Meanwhile Elaine sits glamourously by as if waiting for cocktails with Caroline who was sadly at the other end of the display.

Knit 013  Some selves were real glam-pusses,
 some used interesting
techniques.  Knit 008  

Knit 023

And one was even dressed in her Science Museum uniform

Look I'm really really in a Science Museum case!

Knit 017

And just a few more

Knit 005
Knit 015

Knit 014

Knit 021