£166 for a garter stitch scarf!
Simply Knitting 69 - ho hum

The making of Mini-Me

Knit 170a  Well , I'm finished. The 6in knitted version of me for the Stitch London/Science Museum Stitch Yourself project is complete. 

Here are some of the stages.

The body bits. I don't like i-cords so I went for an attempt at shaped and stuffed arms and legs.

Knit 161

 Once joined up I decided on leggings:

Knit 162

Knit 163  Hair seemed like a good idea. I managed to find variegated  Knit 164  
 brown yarn that  also matches my hair in being straight
 but completely unruly. 

Further clothing in the form of a belted tunic dress (in a yarn I've made a top for me) and a hat and shawl.

Knit 165 Knit 167   

At least the hat controls the hair.

Finally a face of sorts, a necklace and some shoes. I'd still like to find one of those cocktail plastic swords but otherwise I'm done. And I even have a gammy leg.

Knit 169