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One women went to Knit Nation...

Advanced Lace Knitting

So what did I learn from designer Anne Hanson at Knit Nation yesterday?

Lace (in knitting terms) falls into 3 basic types:

  • Eyelet - where there are distinct patterns of holes in a stocking stitch or garter stitch ground
  • Lacy knitting - patterns of holes made with yarn overs and decreases across the whole area worked in on direction (right side) with rest rows (no decreases or yarn overs) in the other
  • Knitted lace - the holes can be made on both sides with no rest rows. So a finer and more lacy effect

Complex patterns might include both the second and third types. 

Provisional cast on using a crotchet chain - none us proved very good at the unfurling the chain part

The theory behind knit on edgings - Anne explains it well and I now understand it better and knitted the sample easily but not sure I can articulate yet.

The impact of yarn choice on fabric feel and stitch definition - Anne brought a range of swatches to demonstrate the effect.

And we started a sampler to perfect our techniques.

Knit 012

Three hours came and went in a flash. I would love to do a whole day with Anne but even it what seemed like a short time I came away with more confidence about my technical ability and with a determination to learn more and start to develop my own lace design project.