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Yarn review: Sublime Soya Cotton DK


Sublime's Soya Cotton (50/50 mix) is a soft thick DK which gives good stitch definition and produces a nicely drapping fabric.

One word of warning though avoid mistakes. Ripping out even a few stitches gives you a horribly split yarn which is suddenly very difficult to work this.

I recently saw a pattern in this for a 60s fitted dress. I'd definitely look for an alternate for a project of that type, however careful you were there would be splits and loops at some point.

But otherwise this is a yarn I'd use again for smaller projects, like this Kelly cardigan.

Kelly 002 Kelly 003


Autumn wardrobe: minimalism versus the knit

Have this Autumn's clothes shops made you feel as dismal as me?  So many shops are a selection of grey, black, more grey and beige (although we're supposed to say camel).

The magazines talk about "Mad Men style" but when I watch the show there is lots of colour.

But I have realised that a plain jersey dress does have one advantage - it shows off a pretty cardigan to perfection. So my winter work wardrobe is going to be plain dresses, with pretty vintage inspired hand knits and plenty of vintage beads and brooches. It may not be what the magazines point to but I like it.

Kelly 001 Kelly 003








The Kelly cardigan from Knitting magazine issue 80 in Sublime Soya Cotton.

And below Alice from the same issue in Araucania Ranco Multy.

Alice 001 Alice 003


Stashbusting mania: hats, hats hats

...and mitts.

In the latest round of tidying up my yarn cupboard, I've been preparing for the visit of two teeny family members. Ollie aged almost two and her yet-to-arrive sibling will be coming to the UK from Australia in December. They'll be needing a few warm accessories.

Hat 004

Thanks to my fancy yarn addiction,these hats, Petals & Plumes Hat by Celia Ng and the Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington, and the mitts feature quite a high level of cashmere and hand-dyeing so these will be some very smart little-uns. There's still brown and red yarn for more matching mitts which will probably feature in another stashbustarmy push.