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Knitting 87: French style

A vintage gem

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Browsing in a charity bookshop while in Belfast last week I found one of the best Pic 007 knitting books I've come across. My interest was initially piqued by a number of patterns that could be updated to current trends: the ski sweater, the lace top with almost a pussy bow and the bed jacket which could become a pretty summer cardie.

Pic 004All good for a mere £2.50, I'd certainly pay more than
that for a knitting magazine with a couple of good Ravelry.

When I got home though I started taking a closer look at my find which is a copy of Odhams Knitting Encyclopaedia from 1968 (so almost the same age as me).

This is an incredible resource for any knitter. The first section is a 90-page "ABC of knitting" covering pretty much everything you may have a query about from the best approaches to blocking different types fo knitting - eg lace, fair isle, etc - the maths to work out the decreases for a beret, tables to work out sizing for basic cardigans and sweaters and using different yarns.

Pic 001 Throughout the ABC section there are also charts and instructions for classic lace designs and different types of colour knitting with some history of the techniques and  advice on how best to to work them.

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Add to that some really useful basic glove and sock  patterns, classic jumper patterns for men, women and kids, and a stashbuster section called "from odd ounces", this is a book that, should you come across it, I'd recommend snapping it up.

And for me I now need to sit down with a notebook and work on translating weights, meterages, sizes and needles to have a go at some of these designs. Ski jumper here I come!