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Sharing the knit - the joy of teaching

I'm a stitch stage...


That means I am a volunteer knitting teacher at Stitch London meetings.

I've just been asked why I volunteer in this way - what do I gain from teaching others - especially when I could just enjoy a chat, a drink and cake and of course some knitting. It did give me pause for thought but really it's about sharing something that makes me happy.

Being a volunteer teacher is about passing on a skill that I really value.

I love knitting for many reasons: 

  • the range of beautiful materials I can work with Knit 074
  • the delight at a project growing; in my case this is often lace where there is something really special as a cloud of delicate fabric sprouts from my needles
  • the beautiful and individual items I can create that are personal to me or others
  • the relaxing and therapeutic effects
  • the fact that it brings me into a community of creative and interesting people who want to share their passions and knowledge.

I teach because I want other people to have access to those great experiences and to show that by learning a few techniques a beginner can start to create something that is real - scarf, an iPod cover, a mini sheep.

And because I love the joy on a beginner's face when they achieve an inch or two of "actual knitting".

It's hard to pick out a best moment because so often people are excited and wave their knitting like a flag in excitement but I have been hugged by a returning learner because they'd knitted a gift for a family member since I'd first helped them.

And finally I teach because I can - I am able to introduce someone to knitting so that in a couple of hours they are beginning to find their knitting rhythm and to understand how knitting works, how the string becomes fabric.

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