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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - halfway round the world.

6knitbloglogo When I was a child in Northern Ireland we were visited on various occasions by Molly, an elderly relative New Zealand. Now Molly had views - on just about everything - and a catchphrase to with them. If she couldn't find what she wanted in a shop or restaurant, or if a museum, stately home or any other attraction wasn't open in the way she expected, you would hear: "I didn't travel halfway round the world for..."

Thanks to Molly and now other family in Australia, knitting has managed to go halfway round the world a lot more than I have. Molly's granddaughter, now grown up, had sweaters as a small child. These days there is a young niece and nephew in Melbourne, their mum and her sister-in-law (and before longer her daughters) all adding to the flow of sweaters, shawls and other items heading south.

Here are a few of the recent projects now with family and friends in Australia - some shawls, which I believe are receiving a lot of wear. The niece's cat has made a guest appearance on Skype - being swung round by its tail and pitched across the room. 

But it's the hoodie on the gorilla that's had the most interesting journey - halfway round the world three times. It was actually for our baby nephew. I posted it to Australia, and then he wore it on a visit to the UK and then back home to Melbourne.


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