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 Does the knitwear on the TV make you lose the plot?

Sarah lund I haven't been watching The Killing but have noticed that the sweater worn by the central character Sara Lund has been getting a bit of attention

Apparently when the series was originally shown on Danish telly, the company that made it couldb't keep up with orders, and now UK shops are being scoured for Nordic -style knits.

Of course that got me thinking. My trusty 1960 Odham's Encyclopedia of Knitting has a pattern for a skiing sweater that could easily form be adapted Sara style.

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But while I haven't been caught up in Killing sweater fever, my viewing is hit by knitwear envy.

Watching the European Indoor Athletics champs on the BBC the other day, lead to a Twitter discussion over whether former Olympic sprinter Colin Jackson's natty chunky waistcoat was a hand knit.

But what has really caused me to lose the plot has been the recent BBC adaptation of 1930s tale,South Riding. Luckily I've watched the whole series on iPlayer because I genuinely did have a moment when I realised that I had no idea what had just happened because I was considering the construction of a rather fine lace fitted cardie worn by Anna Maxwell Martin as central character Sarah.

I couldn't find a picture of the cardigan in question, but I pretty much loved Sarah's whole workshop and it would go with this outfit.  I'll continue searching for pictures though because I would love to copy the cardie.

  South riding