Looking back at knitting and crochet week
In spring every knitter's fancy turns

4 of 11: miles of kidsilk lace

Shawl 020
Well actually a little over 2m of shawl. Because it's in kidsilk spray it feels masses of lace but weighs less than 75g.

I tend to be a bit nervous of working in kidsilk because it can be very difficult to rip back because the mohair tangles up but I only actually had a problem on the crochet finish on the ends.

Shawl 018 Shawl 022







I now need to find it a home - doing 11 shawls I don't want to keep them all. This is very pretty - the pattern is Scarf with the No. 20 Edging from "The Knitted Lace Pattern Book," 1850 from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby - but I'm not sure that it will suit me the best of the 11 so this will go to a family member or friend.

Shawl 023 I have also realised that all 4 so far are rectangular stoles (of which I'm keeping 2)  so I've put the planned number 5 on hold (another rectangle) in favour of a pure silk triangle followed by a half hexagon, and then perhaps a circle.