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Lace 019

The shawl challenge continues...

In contrast to the fluffy experience of shawl 4, this one is smooth, shiny and almost sharp. 

Knit1 019 Made in pure thrown reel silk, that I bought at randomn at a knitting fair a couple of years ago, this version of Brangian by Bronwyn Parry (and therefore christened Bro's Bran by Bron) was something of an experiment. I had no idea whether this slippery silk which reminded me of embroidery thread would work for lace of indeed knit up at all.

In reality the main issue was the risk of dropping a stitch. The slippery yarn really does run.

Otherwise it worked well for an eyelet heavy lace like this, creating a web with a sheen. The blocked shawl is firm but feather light - perfect for eveningwear.



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