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Spring knits turn to summer mission

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was temporarily abandoning work on a lovely vintage-style jumper in favour of a short sleeved cardigan due to a tiny glimpse of sun.

Amazingly the cardigan is finished and the sun is still out.

Beaded 001

This little cardie, one of my picks from Knitting 88, was remarkable quick project despite requiring me to thread all those beads on to the yarn. So with the sun out the plan is for more summer knitting while the glorious weather inspires me. Already on the go are two shorts-sleeved little vintage numbers. A cotton lace and cable number is the new sofa knit while a pure wool 4ply ribbed top is the spare knit for when concentration is likely to be difficult eg sitting round with friends in a pub in Northern Ireland when fine lace is not the best option.

Meanwhile 3 or 4 other summer tops are in my sights, using up a stock of cotton, bamboo and silk yarns I have mysteriously accumulated.