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The Knitter 31: I wouldn't have done it like that

Don't you just hate people who look at something you've done and say very nice but I'd have done it like this. So my apologies to the team at The Knitter because that is the conclusion I've reached about this issue.

image from www.theknitter.co.uk At first glance I dismissed the magazine as a bit disappointing this month but in some cases I now wonder if it is the styling and colour choices rather than some of the patterns that may be causing that effect.

The most unfortunate victim is Susan Crawford's Anyone for tennis? This cross over front 4ply slipover has a herring bone texture but you can hardly see it. Plus it looks lumpy worn over a striped puff-sleeved frilly blouse. Like many of the patterns this month I look forward to seeing this on Ravelry as other people use different colours and photograph it in other ways.

I have a similar issue with Amanda Crawford's Neopolitan. Picture captions refer to the waist shaping on this sleeveless v-neck top but it is hard to see when worn over a square necked, layered dress. Of course pistachio with lemon and red drop stitch embellishment was never a colour combination that I was going to fall love with. But I think that somewhere here there is a pretty summer top if you can get past the first impression.

The cover pattern Bonbon, like some other Jean Moss magazine pattern, will definitely divide opinion due to the colour choices. Whether or not you like pink and kiwi , the combination of eyelets with a little fair isle detail on the shoulders and feminine shaping does work in this cardigan - although I'm not sure if it will sit well over a large bust due to the old button straining issue.

I've already come across comments on the green and pink double-sided spotty kid's jacket, Toasted Teacake, mainly on the colour. I'm certain my little niece will love this fun piece from Rosee Woodland. It's also a technical challenge using the double knitting technique - which isn't as scary as it sounds.

Headland, a cotton aran cable-patterned t-shirt with shawl collar from Martin Storey, photographs well and has attractive but not to difficult honeycomb cables. So if you wear cotton aran cable-patterned t-shirts this could be a winner. By contrast I can't say how well Sarah Hatton's Dunstan, a DK alpaca slipover, works because it hasn't photgraphed well at all.

And finally a mention for Lightening, another lovely lace shawl from Anniken Allis.I'd recommend it for anyone wanting to take on their first large lace piecebecause the pattern repeat is straight forward to follow and "read" in your knitting.