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Minor internet sensation

I had some fun recently creating my Professor Brian Cox and volcano for Stitch Science at the Science Museum in London. 

I also blogged about it.

Then I went on holiday.

When I came back I thought I should check on the blog, and initially thought something was wrong - it seemed I'd only had page views on one day. Then I realised that the other days on my stats chart represented the steady but modest traffic that passes through here but they were dwarfed by a 1,400+ hits on a single day. It seemed the knitted Prof was a star - even the real one's life had linked to the blog.

It didn't end there. When I went into work I discovered that a chat show had tracked me down to my day job to enquire whether if they had Prof Cox on the shown could they borrow my version. Nothing cam of that sadly - too Harry hill or Graham Norton perhaps - but it was interesting that a researcher went to that much trouble.

The problem now is - how do I follow up this "success".