Walking on broken glass: part 1, the before
The Knit Nation Experience

Shawl 8 of 11: spring sunrise

Vernal 002 A year ago I took a class at Knit Nation - Advanced Lace with Ann Hanson. This 3-hour class pulled together the elements of knitting lace drape, stitch technicalities, knitting on boarders, provisional cast-ons, an more. But mainly it gave me confidence to try more complicated patterns and to be less tentative in my blocking.

After that I went down stairs and bought a single precious skein of Knitwitches Seriously Gorgeous Laceweight Swiss Cashmere/Silk.

That skein has turned into my largest  shawl project yet and my first semi-circle - Vernal Equinox by Lankakomero. I'm very proud how my lace knitting has developed in a year and also to have something this beautiful to wear to a posh summer Sunday Lunch.

 As for the rest, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Vernal 008
Vernal 006
Vernal 003