Craft, dementia and a tiny link to my mum
Making Monday 2: In need of a finishing Friday

Making Monday 1: Tea and fundraising

The idea of making Monday is to share some thoughts about making whether sewing, knitting, card, cooking, etc, etc. This whole blog falls under this theme but as it's Monday and I have something to share I thought I'd join in.

My office recently had a reorganisation which resulted in my team moving from next to the kitchen. As a result we needed to invest in a teapot and a tray. Once we had those someone suggested we needed a tea cosy and I had a light bulb moment.

I'd jut been volunteering for MSF P/hop at Knit Nation where we have been promoting the latest pattern, a Cricket themed cosy by Ros Clarke.

So I put out an envelope for Médecins Sans Frontières donations and rewarded my generous colleagues with this.

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