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Making Monday: Making a difference

This Monday I'm meeting up with Lauren O'Farrell of Stitch London to collect yarn for a very important orange bobble hat just like this one modelled by Martin Freeman.

Martin Freeman - Orange Woolly Hat (1)

Stitch London are making 30 of these hats to help homelessness charity St Mungos publicise Woolly Hat Day which encourages peopleto don a woolly hat on 4 November and donate to support homelessness projects.

Charity projects for knitters used to be about squares for blankets for Africa but now we can do all sort'son things. I've written before about p/hop raising money for MSF and right now it's Innocent Smoothies' Big Knit - where you are asked to knit hats for smoothie bottles which are then sold to raise money for Age UK

There are always ways where making can now help to amke a difference.It's a matter of keeping your eyes open for opportunities to to do something you love and help at the same time.