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11 shawls in 2011 - or 13 in 11 months

Lace 044

It is done - in January I took up the challenge of knitting 11 lace shawls and stoles during 2011. I followed the rules set by a group on Ravelry that:

"The minimum requirement of meterage is 250 meter (ca 273 yards) whereas 2 must use at least 500 meters (ca 546 yards) of yarn. There are no upper limits to meterage if you want to knit 10 big shawls :) Any shapes will do - but no sleeves and cowls.

The minimum width requirement on scarves, is 10 inches, or 25 centimeters."

In addition, I decided that all mine would feature lace - from complex to v simple - and would be knitted from yarn in my stash on 1 Jan 2011.

So how did I do?

I started on 22 January and finished on 2 December, so that's 11 in 11 months.

I used a range of yarns, mainly wool or wool blends but also silk, cashmere, bamboo and even possum. And a range of shapes rectangle, triangle, hexagon and semicircle.

The yarn weights were cobweb (only the once), laceweight and 2 in 4ply. And I definitely met the meterage requirements: the least yarn used was 360m in the final shawl pictured above and the greatest, just under a kilometer each for the red cobweb stole and the fuchsia pink large semicircle. Only three came in under 500m.

About half have already been given away as gifts so I can't photograph the collection as one but I can at least present a gallery. 

  • Peacock
  • Lace 006
  • Shawl 020
  • Shawl 011
  • Lace 019
  • Shawl 024
  • Lace 027
  • Vernal 012
  • Lace 040
  • Lace 045
Lace 045

Lace 038


But why 13? Well I also test knitted two shawls for designers this year.

Was it worth it? Yes, I've learnt a lot about lace, improved my skills and created some beautiful items.

And a new challenge? There are still shawls I want to knit, including a Victorian item that uses 2km+ of yarn. Plus I want to design my own. 

Watch this space.