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Jacqueline mitts - continuing the P/HOP mitts tradition


Thanks to P/HOP and Cranford mania, I've become a fingerless mitt addict. So it seemed appropriate to donate this design to the fundraising project for Medicins Sans Frontiers.

Typically for me, they are worked in 4ply yarn of relatively fine needles, but the pattern with a little texture is straightforward and they are an excellent stashbuster.

I've written a blog post for it explaing in more including why I'm doing this for P/HOP.

And you can find the pattern here.


Simple but effective, perfecting an earring design

Just as with knitwear, as I become more absorbed by jewellery making I'm forever staring at strangers' earrings. Oddly enough, it was a plain silver pair worn by a woman at a knitting group that started me thinking about creating a very simple design caging a coloured bead or gemstone in silver.


In picture above you can see a few of the pairs I've been working on - I've been playing with different ways to contain the stone/bead and different lengths. It's quite therapeutic experimenting with the shapes although I have to contain myself from wanting to wear everything I might make.

Actually, I've been wearing these ones for great reaction. Now I'm happier with the idea and several different colours for myself, I will be starting to sell these and a few other designs very soon. I just have to have more confidence in myself and work out some pricing.