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Thought for today - valuing yourself

Making makers - creating a social good

I've always loved these end credits for shows made my Chris Carter's production company Ten Thirteen because of satisfaction in the little boy's voice:



"I made this!" Any crafter or maker knows that feeling of making something you are really proud of, conquering a new technique, or learning something completely new.

To some this may seem a trivial thing but yesterday I read this piece by Gillian Montegrande, founder of Made by Hands of Britain - I make, therefore I am - which argues that the sense of satisfaction and personal achievement as well as learning from  "failures" or unexpected outcomes offers a postive good for society.

She says: "If we could only pass on to others that sense of achievement and what it feels like to stare upon the tangible and positive result of one’s own useful endeavours, then it will go at least some way to improving the lot of individuals who currently have no hope."

Thinking about this, I realised that these days I don't just get that postive glow from my own making but also from teaching other people ot knit or master a craft skill through and article or a demo.

Giving someone a sense of achievement is positive for that person and whoever introduces them to the craft. I love the look that goes across someone's face (adult or child) when they complete that first row of knitting. 

In fact teaching craft is making in itself, making crafters.