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The typical craft professional and life on Planet Handmade

I've been reading a report on contemporary craft professionals in the UK commissioned jointly by the Craft Council, Creative Scotland, Craft Northern Ireland and the Arts Council of Wales - Craft in an Age of Change

The report looks at the demographics of professional craft makers - predominently female, in their 40s and working in jewellery, textiles or ceramics and often working from their own homes - and the economic value of the craft sector.

What is interesting - apart from the demographics - is the conclusion that makers need business and marketing support. It is particularly interesting given that I was reading the report for a new venture I'm involved in called Planet Handmade.

Planet Handmade is the brain child of Juliet Bernard, PR specialist and editor of The Knitter, and is about bringing business advice and marketing opportunities to designer/makers to help them build their business and inspire us with their creative endeavours.

The full site will launching over the next few months but the blog is already up and running, so you can find out more about my take on the craft councils' research there.