Emerging from the bubble - or surviving Tron
Olympian knitting

Confessions of a sports junkie


It seems that when it comes to the Olympics, I'm a sports junkie par excellence. I didn't think I was but then I found myself saying: "A spare ticket for handball - why not."

Suddenly having never seen a sport before or having any idea of the rules didn't matter. I had a ticket, I could learn. So when I wasn't in the fencingtron I found myself at a variety of venues, quite often roaring my head off.

There was the athletics, on a beautiful sunny August evening.  


There was decathon high jump...


...spectacular hurdling...


...and 80,000 people reacting as one to a certain appearance in the 200m semi-final to name but a few.


Then there was basketball which oddly was not as exciting as I expected.

Mountain biking at Hadleigh Farm in Essex offered an exciting race and glorious weather in a picnic atmoshpere.


And I was mighty glad it wasn't me toiling up and down that gruelling course.

But the best for me was handball - fast, furious, engrossing. I can't recommend it enough.


If you are interested in seeing more to the sports or the Olympic Park, a full set of pictures is here.

And very soon I'll have attended a range of Paralympic sports including "murderball" aka wheelchair rugby, which I'm already very excitied about. Handball, wheelchair rugby - fast and violent, am I sensing a theme here?