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Olympian knitting

Just because I've been in an Olympic bubble doesn't mean I stopped knitting. Instead, the needles have been touring the venues with me.

I decided to attempt various Ravellenic Games challenges - knitting challenges for during the Games period - with an additional twist, one project was to be done during the period of the fencing competition when I was volunteering

Amazingly it is possible to complete a lace scarf travelling to and from a venue, in your breaks and the downtime I must have had at home at some point. 

Drum roll please...

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Once I emerged blinking into the light, there were other events to attend

image from images4.ravelrycache.comThis baby jacket for a new little cousin had a trip to the handball and the athletics.

While the beret - the pattern for which I tech edited mid Games - went to the basketball and the mountain biking.

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