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1920s glamour

Grateful for the knits

As the snow falls outside and I huddle with my laptop cursing the radiator that's picked today to stop working,  am very happy to have been working on a few cold weather items.

Admittedly some of these items may be going to my sister but right now I'm glad to have them here.

Until now I haven't been much of a cowl fan but recently I've begun to see the point of something that doesn't unravel from my neck as I walk and which in some cases can double as a hood.

In part it's because of my fascination with the moebius cast on and in part because I've been coming across some fab chunky yarn (both forgotten in the stash and amazing bargains - oops). So I've been playing about with different circumferences and with flame stitches because I like the idea of having a bonfire to warm my neck.


I've also been experimenting with hats using a cable band as the basis. I've been looking at old family photos of my fashion conscious grandmother and great aunts during WW1 and the 1920s. And this has left me thinking about interesting hatbands, 1920s headbands and Edwardian knitted caps. 

And so I've been playing about with various Dk yarns including this Araucania Milodon and at least have a new warm hat.


Unfortunately due to flu and various other distractions, including work, I haven't made much progress on new gloves for myself or the ones promised for my sister.

There's just this poor abandoned cuff...