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Dealing with dementia: Crying over a chocolate digestive

This is a version of a facebook post I wrote a few days ago. Although it's not the normal theme of this blog I wanted to share this because it is important to me and because I think it offers an insight into how tiny things can become very important when someone you love has dementia.

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I went to see Mum today.

For the first time in many weeks she was out of bed and seemed pleased to have a visitor.

She chatted away - you can't make out much but it's generally a good sign.

Then the staff brought her tea and two chocolate digestives. Usually Mum would gather all available sweet things to her but this morning she ate one and then looked at the other for a long time.

Then she pushed the plate towards me andsaid very clearly "that's for you". 

Her most coherent sentence in about a year. 

I cried.