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Moebius cast on tutorial

Creating a Moebius cowl is great fun and creates a lovely seamless item with a twist that sits well as around your neck/shoulders or as a snood/hood depending on the size you make.


The only thing to master is the cast on, then it's plain sailing. But I fould that a lot of explanations of this cast on seem very complicated.

When I actually worked through a tutorial I realised it really comes down to two movements so I’ve tried to simplify things here. I hope it helps.


  Mob set up

Make a slip knot in your yarn and slide to the middle of your circular needle.

Coil the circular needle into a double loop so that the tips of your needles are above the slip knot.


Hold the yarn in your left hand.

*Yarn over the right hand needle.


Insert the right hand needle under cable from front to back,

  Mob 3

Hook yarn with RH needle and draw the loop back under the cable so that there is a loop round the cable and one over the needle.


Repeat from * until desired number of sts cast on.

Slide the stitches round the loops so that the slip knot and the last cast on stitch meet. Place marker and on the set up row work into each loop from the front or back as is easiest. A round is complete when you reach the marker again.

Note: When casting on using this method only count the stitches created on the top/outer coil of the needle.

Now you have mastered the cast on why not have a go at creating a cosy cowl such as the Samhain Fires Cowl