French knitting – designing a project for a knitting holiday workshop
Unravel 2015

Never give up on your childhood ambitions

Feeling quite emotional today because I realise that I have I have fulfilled a childhood ambition.

When I was a little girl I would draw clothes and make things on my tiny pink hand operated sewing machine.

And I was going to grow up to be a fashion designer. And magazines would have photographs of things I designed and made and would write about how fashionable/beautiful they were. 

Right now there is a piece in a magazine on my desk about collared knits being a spring trend this year with a photograph of a sweater I designed and made.

Collar trendsKnitting, March 2015, p21: My sweater is the purple one

My nine-year-old self is turning cartwheels (something she couldn't actually do).

It is made even better because that nine year old was also going to be a writer - something I've already achieved. But to bring it all together while I didn't write the book reviewed next to the trends piece, I was the copy-editor.

So it doesn't matter how long it takes, if you really love doing something there is always the potential that you will get to that place you dreamed off on rainy school holiday afternoons.

PS My other ambition at nine was to be prime minister.