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Help me out with the name game

Recently I lost my favourite fingerless mitts, so I rummaged in my yarn stash for some sock yarn and cast on an idea I'd had for a while for a pair with mock cables of the back and thumb.

I was very satisfied with the result and got compliments on them immediately. But when I came to write up the pattern I realised that the yarn was an oddment I'd picked up at a bargain price outside a small craft shop in Wales and that I had no details of the yarn at all.

So I decided to make a second pair as a sample (and I wanted to wear the first pair). Another rummage in the stash and I realised that I finally had the perfect project for a bright skein of Twinkle Yarn from Easy Knits, in the Pumpkin colourway. 

Purple gold mitt collage

With these finished all that remains is to take some final pictures and - sometimes the hardest part - to name the pattern.

And this time I'm stuck, so perhaps you can help. Please take a look at the snaps above and tell me what you would call these mitts. If it helps I have generally given gloves, mitts and hats people's names.

All suggestions welcome in the comments.