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Finished object: Sick bed cardie

Sickie cardie 1

I had knee surgery last week. The operation happened at quite short notice so I had quite a lot of reorganising to do, so it was the evening before the operation that I realised I had a knitting snag.

I knew I would have a long nil-by-mouth wait before the op which meant I needed something to distract me and after the op there would be a quite a lot resting time where I would also need pass-times so a knitting project was a must. The problem was my current projects:

  • lace tunic sample
  • sock on 2mm needles
  • 2 designs I'm still tweaking the patterns for

This wasn't my first knee op so I knew that I'd spend a few days somewhat hazy thanks to the general anaesthetic and the painkillers - some which leave me uncoordinated and a bit confused regarding left and right. So patterns requiring concentration or decision-making.

Luckily this is where having an extensive pattern collection and an "adequate" stash comes in. I needed something that was going to present me with no problems or tricky decisions but handily I had just the thing. 

In my stash there was a pack of ten balls of Bergere de France Baronval (60% wool, 40% acrylic) I bought on my visit to the factory last year and which I would not mind messing up a project with (it only cost me about 10 euros for the whole pack).

I also had a great cardigan pattern - A Gray Cardigan by Sally Melville - which I've made before. This meant I also had my notes about any modifications I made, how many rows in each section, etc.

And so a quiet and very sleepy week later I have a new cosy and practical cardigan. The Baronval is very soft and quite a thick DK so I'm hoping it will be a hardwearing, winter layering item, it was certainly a comfortable yarn to knit with.

I'm already wearing it because I even had the perfect button in my tin.

Sickie cardie 2