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#WIPWednesday confessions project

In April I decided it was time I went through all my knitting boxes and bags in what I described as a stash shake up.

Part of this involved opening project bags and checking shelves properly. This revealed that I can have a a bit of a scatterbrain when it comes to projects - there were more than a few unfinished objects, including half a man's jumper with no more yarn and no notes, and patterns that I'd started but not enjoyed and set aside.

So I made some harsh decisions and ripped various things out, freeing up project bags, needles and notions. I also thought about how this has happened. I am someone who likes to have a few projects on the go at once because I knit everywhere so I like to have an easy chatting in the pub project, a challenging lace item, a knitting on the move project that fits in a handbag, and so on. But I also knit commission items - my own designs for magazines, samples for other designers and even special commissions for TV costume designers, which means my other knitting can be put aside for a bit and then I forget about them and my magpie brain alighted on something else - a stitch pattern I wanted to try, a sweater idea or some beautiful sock yarn.

I have been enjoying the #WIPWednesday posts on social media when makers share image of their works in progress, so I decided to use this to keep myself on track. So each Wednesday I have been posting pictures of all my current WIPs on both twitter and instagram - rather than admitting to just one. Now I've been doing this for a few weeks I thought it would be interesting to see the impact on my knitting and progress.

Week one of wip

Week one included a second sock that had been languishing
for months, an almost finished jumper and two new projects


Week two of wipBy week two the sock and the blue jumper were off the needles but 
I'd realised I needed I needed a lacy bolero for an event so not much
progress on the new projects from the previous week. Worse I'd
found another abandoned project bag with a red lace tunic that
had been 
on a holiday

Wip wed 2701416By week three there had been progress - the bolero was done and
all the other projects had grown (the red tunic sleeves were started)


Wipwed 040516 collageWeek four looked like I'd been very focused - just two WIPs. In fact I
had completed a commission as well (I knit a lot)


Wipwed 110516 3Week five: So the red tunic was done which gave me the excuse to
cast on a summer top and the yarn arrived for a commission. Of
course this meant nothing done on the other sweater, hence my
reluctance to include the image


Wipwed 180516 3Week six: Virtuously not cast anything else on. Is the project making 
me more focused?

  Wip wed 250516This week - am I loving this project, becoming more focused or just
putting off casting on anything else? A bit of both. In reality I'm waiting
for yarn for three commission projects and I haven't had time to chart
for a couple of shawl ideas.

What has happened though is I have this lovely selection of new knitted items, to catalogue, photograph and perhaps even wear.


 I'm going to continue with project, as a record of what I'm doing and in the hope that no project is orphaned so much in the future.