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Wearable designs - why I will be wrapped in my Bonfire scarf this winter

It has been a while since I was a size 10, which means I don't always fit the sample garments I make to accompany my patterns for magazines. Luckily accessories don't have that problem and occasionally I decide to wear some of my hat or scarf samples.

I am particularly looking forward to my Bonfire Hat and Scarf in the current issue of Knitting Magazine (172, Autumn 2017) coming back. I think it will be my go-to set this Autumn, although I think I will let the slouch of the hat drop to the side or back.

Bonfire hat and scarf

One of my favourite things about these items is that the lace pattern means they both are completely reversible so you can just grab them and wrap up on a chilly day.
Plus they are in one of my two absolute favourite aran yarns - Debbie Bliss Falkland Aran which is one of the squishiest aran weight yarns I've ever worked with. 

Rearranging the shelves in WH Smith - new autumnal design

I came late to sharing my knitting designs let alone  receiving commissions from magazines and yarn companies.

I have had a long career as a journalist but I still remember the excitement of having a bylined piece in a major national newspaper for the first time. I had to suppress the urge to tap fellow tube passengers on the shoulder, point to the article they were reading and say "I wrote that".

The same sort of thing has happened each time I have had a design on the cover of a magazine. Right now I could happily spend time in various branches of WH Smith rearranging the hobbies shelf so that there are lots of copies of Knitting (issue 172) along the front to show off my Autumn Leaves tunic.

Autumn leaves cover

I love the editorial description that the mag team came up with. It sums the pattern up as the perfect mix of challenge and TV knitting because there is some instarsia and plenty of stocking stitch.

Autumn leaves main

It is designed to be a simple flattering piece for over leggings or a skirt that is a comfortable but striking seasonal garment.

Yarn used is Yarn Stories fine merino 4-ply - very smooth with strong colours which work well for this design.

The magazine has come up with some alternative colour combinations that make the leaves seam more like feathers.

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