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Tip of the week: Knitting in the Round

20 in the round

This is probably the simplest tip I can give you. Knitting in the round is just knitting.

You make your stitches in exactly the same way, you just go round and round in a spiral rather than back and forward in rows. But you don't put your needle in a different place or put the yarn round in a different way.

In the picture you can see the other side of my hat on a circular needle but it is just there, I am still concentrating on the next stitch on my needle and using the same flicking technique as I normally use with the yarn in my right hand.

The only thing to remember - and it is the same on circular needles or double pointed onse - when working in the round you are always knitting the right side of your work. So to make stocking stitch you knit every round and garter stitch is knit one round, purl one round.