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Tip of the Week: Mattress stitch gives you a neat finish

Give the gift of warm hands

It's definitely chilly hands weather, so as well as making myself some extra fingerless mitts, I expect Mr Penguin will need some more fingerless gloves - he is very specific that they should be gloves not mitts.
Socmed grey ham 1
I designed both Hamilton (grey) and Carmicheal (green) especially to his requirements and then discovered other men who would with the "gloves not mitts" requirement. The Hamilton pattern tends to be a favourite at this time of year with people looking for a last minute gift to make for a man in their life.
Carmicheal new 2 crop
Both types are made in DK and matching hats are also available in a discounted bundle.
Plus Carmicheal includes advice on turning these into full fingered gloves should you want to give it a go.
Wishing you all warm hands.