Finished object

New Pattern: The ZigZag cardie


Introducing ZigZag, my new cardigan design in Knitting issue 164.

This longish, empire line cardigan is a flattering shape with a lovely drape thanks to the yarn which is Yarn Stories fine merino 4-ply. 

I'd wanted to make something in this yarn since I'd first come across it and especially in this colour combination of dove and french navy. So the Knitting "Winter Blues" issue was the perfect opportunity, especially as I think 4-ply cardigans are very useful layering garments in winter (in particular one as changeable as this).

The graduate stripes keep the interest when knitting and create shape, especially at the back.

Zigzag 5I enjoyed creating this pattern a lot and am thinking of making one for myself in another colourway - perhaps chocolate and burnt sienna or bottle and taupe.

In the meantime I am working on another design in this yarn that I can't reveal yet but again I'm enjoying the colour combinations


Finished object: Sick bed cardie

Sickie cardie 1

I had knee surgery last week. The operation happened at quite short notice so I had quite a lot of reorganising to do, so it was the evening before the operation that I realised I had a knitting snag.

I knew I would have a long nil-by-mouth wait before the op which meant I needed something to distract me and after the op there would be a quite a lot resting time where I would also need pass-times so a knitting project was a must. The problem was my current projects:

  • lace tunic sample
  • sock on 2mm needles
  • 2 designs I'm still tweaking the patterns for

This wasn't my first knee op so I knew that I'd spend a few days somewhat hazy thanks to the general anaesthetic and the painkillers - some which leave me uncoordinated and a bit confused regarding left and right. So patterns requiring concentration or decision-making.

Luckily this is where having an extensive pattern collection and an "adequate" stash comes in. I needed something that was going to present me with no problems or tricky decisions but handily I had just the thing. 

In my stash there was a pack of ten balls of Bergere de France Baronval (60% wool, 40% acrylic) I bought on my visit to the factory last year and which I would not mind messing up a project with (it only cost me about 10 euros for the whole pack).

I also had a great cardigan pattern - A Gray Cardigan by Sally Melville - which I've made before. This meant I also had my notes about any modifications I made, how many rows in each section, etc.

And so a quiet and very sleepy week later I have a new cosy and practical cardigan. The Baronval is very soft and quite a thick DK so I'm hoping it will be a hardwearing, winter layering item, it was certainly a comfortable yarn to knit with.

I'm already wearing it because I even had the perfect button in my tin.

Sickie cardie 2