Knitting entertainment: two new finds

Either a podcast I listened to or a blog I read in the last week mentioned the Savvy Girls podast - it may have been Voolenvine's Yarngasm podcast but I'm not certain. Anyway I downloaded the last two episodes which concentrate on the recent Vogue Knitting Show in New York.

The main show on Vogue Knitting had some interesting interviews and gave a flavour of the event,but the real joy came in an interview recorded at the show but included in the next Savvy episode. This was an interview with Franklin, knitter, cartoonist, historic pattern expert, teacher and blogger at The Panoptican - as well as companion to Dolores the Sheep. Franklin was a great interviewee and I'm now a fan of his blog especially the cartoons.

And I can't help wondering if we should introduce Dolores to London's own Electric Sheep.


#Stashbustarmy part one

If you haven't heard of the stash bust army, it's a twitter-based knit-a-long where instead of everybody doing the same project the aim is to clear out all those odd bits and pieces lurking in your yarn cupboard/box/bag/under the bed. I was intoruced to the idea by Voolenvine of the YarnGasm podcast [http://voolenvineknits.blogspot.com/http://voolenvineknits.blogspot.com/].

As I know of a lot of new babies on the way, have a niece of an age to enjoy soft toys and various other gifts I could be making, I'm embracing the idea with the aim of being able to close the cupboard door by November.

The first is this little cardie adapted from a Debbie Bliss pattern Lace Edge Cardigan in Simply Baby.

Noise to knit by - podcasts and audiobooks

On my hour-plus each way commute, along with my knitting I listen to my MP3 player . Sometimes music, sometimes audio books and quite a lot of radio podcasts.

The current commuting project is a lacy sweater called Chevron by Kim Hargreaves.

As you can see it is a tad fiddly. Yesterday I noticed that I made a lot of progress listening to a BBC debate on attitudes to religion and to a Michael Connolly thriller but made a vast number of mistakes during a science podcast discussing “quantum information theory”.

This got me to thinking about what I listen to when knitting and so a few (mainly UK-based podcasts).


The Electric Sheep- really enjoying this London-based podders take on knitting. Each episode features thoughts on a topic (a thought for the week) and reviews of yarns and patterns I really like the detail in her reviews and comments and usually find something useful.

From the US Knit Science - also has a lot of technical detail and thoughts on garment construction


Media Talk from the Guardian - humourous take on the week's media events from the Guardian Media team. I usually learn something interesting even if it is very broadcast focused.

The BBC's Media Show is a bit more serious but contains plenty of interest for those with an interest in UK media.

Science and Tech

The Guardian has two great offerings in this area Science Weekly and Tech Weekly - there are always high level interesting guests and plenty of science and tech news.

Occasionally the BBC broadcasts a series called More or Less which looks at stats and figures in an entertaining, nay funny, but intelligent way. Excellent for the ever-so slightly numerate but pedantic amongst us.

Arts and Literature

Two classics from the BBC, Start the Week and FrontRow - all that's best about intelligent broadcasting from Radio 4.


Last but not least the fabulous, wonderful, unsurpassed Film podcast - Kermode and Mayo's Film reviews. Such a cult it has spin-off facebook pages following stands or jokes from the show.

And thinking about all of these, I wonder if I might need a longer commute...